It is that time of the year again. You’ll have to do family gatherings, festive meals, holiday cheer, and for a couple of individuals, returning to their home.  

Without a doubt, you will also have to bring with you your stash. If you’re planning to buy weed Canada for the holidays, here are a couple of things you’ve got to keep in mind to survive successfully your trip to the place you once called home.  

Time Your High Properly 

There are a lot of elements that you have to think about whenever you’re deciding whether to throw back the edible or spark up your pre-rolled joints. To ensure that you achieve your desired result, the key here is timing. First of all, you have to understand both the strain and yourself. Is the strain a Sativa or indica? Whenever you smoke, do you usually get talkative or sleepy? 

Be Discreet, But Not Too Much 

If you enjoy a quick puff of your joint, there is an art to stepping away from a family gathering. However, stumbling upon other family members who also smoke weed is one of the best joys of these get-togethers.  

Of course, you know that your brother will be happy to join you. However, have you considered your 50-year-old aunt? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Your aunt might be smoking a blunt before you were even born. Thus, you should let one or two to connect with family members you might have more in common with compared to what you know. 

Make Sure You’ve Got Excellent Storage Options 

While staying at home, a crucial point to keep in mind is that you’ll be in close proximity to pets, friends, and family members who do not essentially smell the skunky and sweet smell of premium marijuana on a day-to-day basis. Because of that, your celebratory joint that you are saving inside your pocket might set off several olfactory buzzers.   

You’ve got to simply ensure you purchase the best possible storage option in order to fight this smell. This will help you get rid of the smell. Keep in mind that a mere zip-lock bag will not always help. You should always look for a storage option that’s airtight. You will certainly need to open your windows just to get rid of the smell if you don’t have an airtight container.  

You can always rely on an old pill bottle whenever you’re in doubt. To add another layer of protection, you have to ensure that you place a cotton ball on top of it and place it near a couple of dryer sheets.  

Have a Dedicated Supply 

You don’t want to be that person who sends a lot of text messages or calls a friend who might be able to supply you some weed. You should have a plan instead. You’ve got to ensure you pack some goodies to go for the trip if you do not have a regular supply in your hometown. The key here is preparation.