Sometimes, we are cornered by unexpected situations. We face consequences and aftermath that we are not yet ready. During this time, different ideas come to our mind. We are willing to risk everything without thinking about the additional burdens we may face along the way and in the future. Today, one of the most crucial topics is abortion. Some places legalized abortion to control their population and some do not allow this one. Whatever laws and regulations your places have, the decision of getting rid of your baby is in your hands. You have the power to give your baby a chance to live or to end his/her journey without seeing the world.  

If you are in the moment where stress and depression is eating you because of your pregnancy, keep in mind that someone is more than willing to help you. Someone wants to comfort you without any judgments. If you do not want the responsibility of being a parent, then someone will look for people that will provide everything for your child. If you think that abortion is the best way not to let your unborn child experience the cruelty of the world, it is not. With adoption, everything you want for your child is one step ahead of you. All you need to do is to ask for help from adoption agency in SpokaneThey have people that commit their attention for anyone who need help. They can provide immediate response anytime without judgment.  

If you are still doubtful whether to choose adoption over abortion, here are the reasons why you should stop doubting and make abortion your last decision: 

  1. With adoption, you will give your unborn child to be happy and enjoy life. You will give him/her a chance to experience how wonderful life is and the worth of the second chance you gave. Also, you can give him/her the opportunity to dream and transform them into reality.  
  2. Choosing adoption over abortion means that you will make someone`s dream of becoming a parent into reality. We could not deny that some people have difficulties bearing a child. With infertility issues and many more, some people do not have the opportunity to build a family with a child. But with your child, you will give someone a true happiness. In return, you will have an assurance that your child will experience only the best in this world.  
  3. When you choose adoption over abortion, you will have a cleaner conscience. You will not be bothered with your thoughts that you have killed your own child. With adoption, you will have peace of mind that your child will not experience how poor and difficult your life is. Your child will have the opportunity to travel and chase their dreams. They will have the parents they deserve to have.  
  4. When we are not ready to sudden situations, we tend to have wrong decisions. With unexpected pregnancy, we have what ifs in mind. We may think that abortion is the only way to fix everything, but in the end conscience and our negative minds will make us suffer. We will get bothered all our life about our decision. But, when we choose adoption, we still have a chance to visit our child when proper arrangements. We will have chance to see and determine if he/she is doing well. We will see how he/she reaches her/his dream.  
  5. With adoption, birthmothers will not worry about the costs during the pregnancy, after, as we all as with the adoption process.