Similar to how humans get a sunburn once overexposed to sunlight, trees could also get Sunscald. While sunburn could be a temporary problem for us, sunscald for a tree could result in irreversible damage and it can even affect the development of your trees.

What is sunscald?

Sunscald occurs once a tree gets too much sunlight exposure. Sunscald could impact any tree part, such as leaves, bark, and even its fruits. The worst-case scenario would be when the bark of a tree turns out to be scalded.

Contingent to the extremeness of the scald, the bark could develop mainly aesthetic defects or might be harmed until it exposes the tree’s inner issue. If it reaches this point, it would be apparent for anyone to detect the scald that commonly appears as a fissure that has dead bark that surrounds it.

Once the fissure entirely exposes until the tree’s cambium layer—the tree tissues outermost later that is liable for the production of bark—it might be difficult or even impossible for your tree to be treated. Mostly, sunscald impacts trees that have thinner barks, such as young trees.

Ways to stop sunscald

You can do to things that can effectively help protect your tree from sunscald— to refrain from over-pruning your trees and to reflect or block sunlight.

Let’s assume that the tree’s the ideal tree type for the climate and it has been properly planted, these two things could be major assistance toward stopping sunscald.

To block sunlight could be done in some ways, such as white paint or cloth wraps. The paint is permanent, meaning it is not typically utilized except if you are planting an orchard. Contingent to the tree type, protection might be seasonal or until the tree reaches a particular age.

Also, over-pruning your tree could become a major problem that makes a tree too vulnerable to sunlight. A professional tree service contractor can help you properly prune a tree within a particular season, depending on the climate and its place on your property.

If you are still not sure what to do about this problem, do not hesitate to reach a certified arborist. It will be worth it in the end and you could actually save the lives of your trees.

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