The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has started creating changes in our lives in all aspects, all people in the world realized that no one was ready for it. Even the top countries with the biggest economies had a hard time, and are still having a hard time coping with the demands and changes that the coronavirus has made and its impact on the global economy and health.  

At these times, cleanliness is on the top priority in both residential and commercial places. When you are in your home, you need to practice proper cleaning and disinfection to avoid contamination and infection caused by the virus. Thankfully, there are many ways on how to clean and disinfect your house, like availing of COVID cleaning Kansas City services or doing it on your own.  

In this article, we will share with you some of the tips on how to properly clean and disinfect your home:

1.Start cleaning the spots that you oftentimes overlook 

Many people are very conscious of cleaning surfaces that are high-touched like n the kitchen, doorknobs, remote control, and many more as this is what the WHO and other health organizations recommend. However, you also need to consider surfaces that are oftentimes overlooked such as bed, washing machine, books, and even things you do not use. In addition, make sure that you clean and disinfect your bathroom accessories as well as faucets and kitchenware.  

This time, clean and disinfect all the parts of your home, high-touched or not.  

2.Clean and disinfect like how the prose would do it  

This means that you need to be productive and efficient in cleaning your house and its surfaces. Cleaning hard is different from cleaning smart. You need to clean starting from the top down to the bottom. You need to avoid having dirt or dust from the ceiling falling on the floor you already cleaned prior to cleaning the surfaces on higher surfaces.  

It is also important that you use effective cleaning solutions that are efficient in removing not just the dirt but also the virus and bacteria.  

3.Clean the air too 

Most people focus on surfaces without taking consideration of the air that they breathe. If you are using an air conditioning unit, you can level it up by giving it some TLC together with the fans, and air purifiers you have in your house. You can also contact your services to do this too. 


Cleaning and disinfecting become easy when you have less clutter in your home. This is why decluttering is an effective way of keeping things organized and easy to clean. The more you have things lying around in your rooms, the more neglected the surfaces and more dirt thrive on. 

Decluttering can be so easy. Al you need to give is a 30-minute time to declutter things and organize your home for easier cleaning and disinfection.  

Having a Clean Haven 

Your home needs to the safest place you can be. This is why we are sharing these tips. Following the steps that we give you here will give make you more efficient in cleaning your house. Share this with your friends and family!